Bulletin for May 31, 2020 

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Through Faith, we walk on the path Jesus set for us.
The People of St. Paul’s Belong… Believe…Love ..Listen… Lead

PLEASE NOTE:  Two services are offered this week. This bulletin and the communion service which will be live streamed on YouTube at this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jT09_1wYohTTqi0JqqlRA starting at 10:00 am Sunday. You are encouraged to have bread and juice (or wine if you prefer) ready as you watch the service and we can break bread together.

St. Paul’s United Church
Home Worship
May 31, 2020
Pentecost Sunday 

WELCOME In this time when we are not gathering together in the same space and time you are invited to use this as a framework for worship at home (or work or the lake or wherever you find yourself). Find a quiet place or time, gather with family (or not as works in your place) and center yourself in God’s presence. You may want to look for music online or in your own collection to accompany the service. Some suggestions are included below. Click on the blue verbiage to go to the video or reading and then click the back arrow to return to the service.


     The Spirit in me greets the Spirit in you. Alleluia!
     God is in us and we are in God. Alleluia!
     We pause to let the Spirit of Life blow in, fill our lungs and souls, and fan the flames of our heart-fire.
     We pause to worship.

On Pentecost Day the Holy Spirit rested on each person as a tongue of fire.
We light this candle so that the flickering flame will remind us that the Spirit of God is present in our midst.

     Spirit God,
     blow into our lives,
     move us to action,
     break down the walls that separate us.
     Where our language divides, offer us translation.
     Where our fear overcomes, fill us with the fire of courage.
     Where our lives are becalmed, fill our sails with wind,
     moving us forward into the unknown future.
     Fill us with the hope and promise of Pentecost!

Hymn Suggestion    VU198     Come, O Spirit, Dwell among Us 



Hymn Suggestion   “I Am The Church”   


Life-giving Spirit, you blow into our lives
bringing the promise of dreams and visions and transformation.
You challenge us to be changed, to be blown out into the world with joy-filled shouts.
Sometimes we are afraid.
Sometimes we would rather sit in our closed rooms and wait.
Sometimes we NEED to sit in our closed rooms and wait.
God we pray for courage, the ability to share the dreams and visions you plant in our souls.
God we pray for wisdom, so we know when to dance in the streets and when to remain in our safe places.
God we pray that you would meet us in the midst of our fear and breathe peace into our souls.
God of grace, accept our fears and our mis-steps,
fill us with your Holy Spirit,
and move us forward into the new world waiting around the corner.
We pray in the name of the Risen Christ.

Read text here   and/or    Listen to reading here   
Acts 2:1-21
John 20:19-23

SERMON   This week’s video reflection 

Hymn Suggestion   VU #375     Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness 


Minute For Mission:    Remembering Alvin Dixon 

Offering Invitation 

Sharing of Celebrations and Concerns    I invite you to call to your mind those reasons to celebrate you want to lay before God in prayers of  thanksgiving. Also call to mind those people or places or issues that weigh on your mind and need to be placed in God’s loving care.

Prayers of the People

God of wind and flame,
blow into our lives. Ignite the fire of hope, fan the flames of possibility.
Transform us into a people who share your love with a world in pain,
a people who proclaim your hope into a world given to despair,
a people who live as though the world can be changed into the kingdom that is to come.

Baptizing God, who calls us to be a baptizing community,
you speak to us in many languages over the course of our lives:
the burbles and laughs and wails of infancy,
the indistinct speech and partial words of toddlerhood,
the strange syntax and slang of late childhood and adolescence,
the full language of adulthood,
the quavering speech and muted tones of old age.
Speak to us in the language that we need to hear today,
hear us in the language that we speak.

God of many languages.
You sing the language of joy with us, you join us in the dance of life.
Hear all of your children who sing and dance and praise this morning,
those who celebrate new life with all the possibilities of the future,
those who celebrate relationships, both the new and exciting and the long-term yet still exciting,
those for whom the wonder of life fills their being to the limit,
may they hear your voice joining in the singing and the shouting…
…time of silence…

And yet, God of life,
you also speak the languages of pain, of sorrow, of fear, of despair.
Hear all your children who speak, who wail, who whisper in these languages this day:
those who find themselves in hospital beds, or waiting anxiously beside those beds,
those who gather to say farewell to one who is moving,
those who gather at graveside to say that longer farewell,
those who struggle with feeling isolated and alone, who are anxious in this time of COVID-19,
those who worry about where the next meal, or the next rent cheque, will come from,
those who live in places where peace is just a word, a faint hope, a distant dream,
May all those whose language is rent by pain hear you lamenting with them,
…time of silence…

God of Pentecost, God who speaks with many tongues, God who makes God-self known in many ways,
fill us with Your Spirit this and every morning,
hear the prayers we share using many different languages,
we pray in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the one we call Christ, whose life,
death and resurrection show us the path to the Kingdom.
We pray as people of the Spirit,
who lights our fires, who fills our lungs with air,
who blows us out into the world to live and serve.
And we pray together the words that unite us with Christians of all times, all places, all denominations…

     Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
     Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
     on earth as it is in heaven.
     Give us this day our daily bread,
     and forgive us our trespasses,
     as we forgive those who trespass against us.
     Lead us, not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
     For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
     for ever and ever. Amen.

Hymn Suggestion    VU #642    Be Thou My Vision 

     The Holy Spirit Blows into our lives, transforming how we live.
     From this time on may we live as people filled with dreams and visions.
     May we be Spirit-led as we live out the values of God’s Reign.
     And may we be carriers of the Peace of Christ to a world in turmoil.

Sung Blessing  (The Canadian version this week) 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Five minutes for stewardship and a round of applauseToday’s message is brought to you by the letter “G”  (for generosity) and the number “18,154”. That’s the revenue for May 1st to May 25th. Here are some other numbers for your information. Revenues for local expenses April 2020 – 10,721; April 2019 – 19,726; May 2019 (with garage sale) 27,546. January 1, 2020 to May 25, 2020 – 81,011. Thank you so much for your support of the church at this time of physical distancing. The rest of the stewardship story is brought to you by the letters “M” and “C”…making connections. Our Worship and Pastoral Care teams are phoning and delivering bulletins and newsletters. A number of people are taking part in virtual “coffee hours” – making connections. It’s different, it’s frustrating, it’s fun, it’s wearisome.  IT’S BEING THE CHURCH!

Martha for the Stewardship and Finance Team

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