If you have a prayer request, please write it down in our prayer book on the table at the entrance into worship, or send to the office or our minister by email.  Your needs will be added to our community prayer, and/or shared with the prayer team if you are okay with that. Thank you


  Our office will be open
Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm
but closed over the noon hour



Sun., June 23rd 6:00 pm – Senior’s Service at Prairie Lakes  All are welcome to attend.

Mon., June 24th  – 7:00 pm Building Transition Task Group Mtg

Fri., June 28th  – 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm –  – Pizza n Games Night  In the Friendship Room – Pizza $2 a slice; Canned beverage $1 each. This is not a fundraiser it is just a chance to socialize over a meal – to offer a cheap meal out at the end of the month when money is running low – to offer community to those around us.  Invite a neighbour, a co-worker, a family member and join the fun.


Mon. July 1st – 2:00 pm –  Canada Day Parade – We will once again open our doors to the community and hand out freezies to those watching the parade. Parade starts 2:00 pm at 108 Ave, heads south on 96th street, turns left on 100 Ave and ends at NWP parking lot.   Canada Day Party continues on at Muskoseepi Park 3:30 to Midnight.

Thursday, July 4th deadline for next newsletter submissions.  The newsletter will hopefully be ready for church on Sunday, July 7thThe theme for Issue 4 in our continuing look at the “Fruits of the Sprit” is:  Galatians 5:22 and 23.
22 …, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control
If you have some thoughts on patience, some ways you use to calm yourself down and take a sober second thought when you want to just react, share them so we can all learn some tips and tricks. 
If you have a suggestion for the “Prayer Corner” or the “Humour Corner” or a way to go green and conserve water (imagine if we were having to use 25% less water like Calgarians; or a recipe; or an event that you’d like to let others know is happening, send them to Sharon Adams at sharad2224@yahoo.ca; or text or call 587-297-1570.

Fri., July 5th – 7:00 pm – Sound bath in the Large Basement North East Doors open at 6:45 pm

Sun., July 14th  – 2:00 pm – Sound bath in the Large Basement North East Doors open at 1:45 pm

Sun., July 29th – Rev. Ricky Marsh is leading worship at St Luke’s United in Fort St John as he ends his ministry there. Many of you will remember that Ricky served his internship at St Paul’s in 2009. Watch for more details.



At St. Paul’s the calendar fills up quickly.  Please be sure to check with Carla in the church office before you expect a room will be free for your use.   Rooms booked with Carla in the office will have first priority. You can also check out our new calendar on the church website, to get an idea who else is in the building and in what room(s) to know if it will conflict with your plans https://74071685.view-events.com/calendar/74071685/ 

We are in need of Scripture Readers, and Door Greeters, and Coffee Hosts / Hostesses every Sunday. Please sign the lists in the foyer if you would like to volunteer to help on any given Sunday. 

Moved?? New to the Church?? If you have moved, or you are new to the Church, please stop by the church office or send Carla a quick email (stpaulsucgp@gmail.com) with your new details so we can keep our records up to date!  Thank you!

FUNDSCRIP – Gift Card Orders – All Year Fundraiser   – We are proposing submitting an order every couple of months for those that are interested in ordering more Gift Cards for everyday food, gas, eating out, clothing retailers etc, to help St Paul’s raise money by getting a percentage of the gift card value for our church. Order forms are available on our website, at the back of the sanctuary or from the office. Next order will be going in Sun., July 7th. Gift Cards will hopefully be here July 14th. 
This is open to you and your neighbours and friends, as a way to buy gift cards but also support a local charitable organization. Feel free to just email us the order details: for example…1- $100.00 Extra Foods; 2 – $10  A&W; 2 – $25 Canadian Tire – Total $170.00     or submit an order form indicating the amounts and values.  Send a payment by cheque, or e-transfer indicating Fundscrip order. 
If you have any questions feel free to talk to Margaret Taylor 780-882-3803, or Sharon Adams 587-297-1570.

                             = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 


St Paul’s Handbell Choir   
Calling all Bell Players OR those who would like to learn to play bells:
Please contact the Church Office by email or phone if you are interested in becoming a ringer.

Labyrinth Walks: Please join us for meditation; an inward journey on a sacred path.

102nd Street Stitchers –  Happens the second Friday of the month.  Watch for the details and join them in the Friendship Room to sit and stitch, to chat, to work on a project, to introduce a project.
No gatherings in July and August.

St. Paul’s has an easy fund raiser to help with the Church renovations. All you need to do is bag up all your empty bottles, cans and milk jugs and put our church id # 1468-2415 visible on each bag and drop them off at the bottle depot on Resources Road and before you leave, check in with the cashier and let them know how many bags/boxes or bottles/cans you dropped off.

Celebration “FUN”draiser:  Celebrations can be recognized and shared by renting the LED sign for a day or week.  Contact Carla in the office for more details, samples etc.
We are offering this at $10.00/day  or  $50.00 / week
Birthdays / Anniversaries / Mother’s Day / Father’s Day / New House / New Baby / Graduation /   or any other celebration you can think of.
If you are planning to include a picture and/or the age of the person please get their permission first.

It’s graduation time again. Do you have a special family member you’d like to celebrate by creating an LED slide to commemorate the occasion.  We can post the slide for a day or a week.We can include a picture, or just have a generic slide with their name and their school logo and colours.  Contact the office with the details of the occasion…. A birthday, a graduation, a special milestone and how long you’d like the slide to be up and the date(s) you want it to run. Do they have a favourite animal, colour, or “passion” that we can use to personalize the slide?

The Communications Team is always looking for photographs! If you have any photos of recent St. Paul’s events, please forward them to Carla for use in newsletters, narrative reports etc.  

Offering Envelopes – Making your donation using a set of offering envelopes is the easiest way to ensure you receive a tax receipt for your donations. If you don’t have a set of offering envelopes, and would like some, please contact Carla in the church office.

Volunteers needed each Sunday:  Scripture Readers, Door Greeters, PowerPoint operators, serving tea, coffee and sweets after church. Please sign the lists in the foyer if you would like to volunteer to help during the worship services or afterwards at Fellowship time. Speak to Linda Wagner if you want more information about any of these opportunities to serve.

PLEASE be sure to check with Carla in the church office before you expect a room to be free for your use. Rooms booked with Carla in the office will have first priority.  Please ask about the COVID19 protocols we want you to follow.

AV Operator and PowerPoint Team Schedule (as of June 12 2024) in PDF: 
AV / PowerPoint Schedule If you can’t be there please make arrangements for someone else to cover that day.

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