Labyrinth Walks  


Please join us for meditation an inward journey on a sacred path: Dates to be Announced

What Is Walking the Labyrinth?

The labyrinth is an ancient, universal symbol found all over the world dating back 3500 years.  It is used as a meditation tool – a walking meditation.  It is known as a sacred path, a metaphor for life and journal to the centre of our souls.  Labyrinths are found in churches, in nature, in backyards,  hospitals, prisons, spas, public parks and schools!

Walking a labyrinth can teach us about wholeness and healing of the heart, transitions, reconciliation, forgiveness, gratitude, and celebration – it can deepen Spirituality!

Part of the Healing Ministry at St. Paul’s, our labyrinth was built on the large basement floor in August, 2006. It approximates the Chartres Labyrinth in the Chartres  Cathedral in France, built around 1220 AD.  We weren’t sure how the painted path would survive the wear and tear of a well used space; setting up and taking down of tables and chairs and annual stripping and cleaning, But, in the 7 years there are only a few scratches!

We gather monthly on a Sunday night, to walk as a group with lit candles and music – all are welcome. Folks are invited to walk on their own anytime during the day when the space is not booked and the church office is open. Call the church to check the booking schedule.

Many have walked the St. Paul’s Labyrinth: Church Board and committee members in retreat, Youth groups, Sunday School children, Healing Touch group members in workshops, and individuals seeking mediation. This past year we hosted a Spirituality group from the Anglican church.  We discussed the origins, the history, the different types of Labyrinth, and different ways to meditate on the path.  It was a privilege to share our Sacred space with them.

If you have a group that would like to experience the Labyrinth, we can facilitate that!