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The GO Project shared some excellent reading options for all of us not just our youth.  This was included in their latest email to supporters / parents / youth….

…. let us be abundantly clear, that we are listening, learning, and acting in the movement that is calling us to examine our privilege, structure and organization.
Our programs this summer will include stories and resources written by Black authors and educators, and we will prioritize mission and justice work with our community partners led by Black leaders.
We witness every year that young people desire to engage with and talk about the social justice issues that affect our societies. We will not shy away from this conversation and action this summer.
Want to learn more? Click here for resources.
Document created by:
Anna Stamborski, M. Div Candidate (2022) 
Nikki Zimmermann, M. Div candidate (2021) 
Bailie Gregory, M. Div, M.S. Ed


Five minutes for stewardship and a round of applauseToday’s message is brought to you by the letter “G” (for generosity) and the number “18,154”. That’s the revenue for May 1st to May 25th. Here are some other numbers for your information. Revenues for local expenses April 2020 – 10,721; April 2019 – 19,726; May 2019 (with garage sale) 27,546. January 1, 2020 to May 25, 2020 – 81,011. Thank you so much for your support of the church at this time of physical distancing. The rest of the stewardship story is brought to you by the letters “M” and “C”…making connections. Our Worship and Pastoral Care teams are phoning and delivering bulletins and newsletters. A number of people are taking part in virtual “coffee hours” – making connections. It’s different, it’s frustrating, it’s fun, it’s wearisome.  IT’S BEING THE CHURCH!

Martha for the Stewardship and Finance Team


Government of Canada / Health Canada COVID19 Updates

Alberta COVID19 Updates

Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership – COVID 19 News
If you or someone you know needs essential groceries or medication, submit a Community Care Program application online at www.gprep.ca/covid19/communitycare. 

United Church COVID 19 Updates Page
– tips for churches, links to the moderators message and online groups, links to churches doing livestreams, tips on how to live stream and more.

The Northern Spirit Regional Council COVID 19 updates page

Stuff for Kids 

Children’s stories on line to read aloud…     https://www.shortkidstories.com/authors/

The GO Project – Summer Virtual Camps  – Registration is now open.

  1. Children’s Virtual Day-Camp
  2. Children’s Virtual Drop-In Program
  3. Youth Virtual Camp
  4. Youth Virtual Drop-In
We can’t wait to “see” you this summer. We can guarantee a summer we’ll never forget!!  Registration details here.