CGIT Girls Group

CGIT: Canadian Girls In Training is a youth group for teenage girls Grades 7-11.

We meet Tuesday evenings 7 to 8:30 (mid Sept. to end of April) at St. Paul’s in the large basement.

Our Purpose is four-fold and we try to have an even program balance throughout the year. Possible programs in any year:

Cherish Health: swimming, tobogganing, hair care, nutrition, skin care, Tai Chi

Seek Truth: leadership skills, values, peer pressure, bullying, gossiping, cheating

Know God: Bible discovery, Christmas Vesper Service, weekly mini-worship

Serve Others: Soup kitchen, help United Way, Mission project/ luncheon, neighbourhood clean-up

Of course, singing, eating, rallies, sleepovers and crafts are also a big part of our evenings as girls and leaders get to know one another and create lifelong friendships.

Although CGIT is sponsored nationally by the Presbyterian, Baptist and the United Churches, we are an interdenominational group, and we encourage all girls to join us, whether they have a church affiliation or not.